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World's tourist-friendly places are the most expensive for corporate travel. With cheap flights, accommodation, and ground transportation, Low Fare Travel is the starting point for budget-friendly corporate travel solutions. We make corporate travel an enriching experience! One way to make corporate travel a little more enjoyable is to offer a rewards program to encourage frequent fliers for their business trips.

Business travel can be tough, but it doesn't have to be. Low Fare Travel is an industry-leading Corporate travel agency offering cheap air tickets on popular flight routes. We have been gifting our clients with once-in-a-lifetime travel experience at surprisingly affordable rates. When you make price the top priority, it's not surprising that the result is the cheapest targeted flights.

Finding a cheap flight when planning your trip for your company is half the battle. That's a big part of why air travel is so stressful even under the best of circumstances. If you're booking directly with the airline's website, they don't usually offer the best deals. You'll wind up paying a lot more money than you intended. Low Fare Travel is a travellers' ally-we always pop up perfect flight deals. Instead of booking directly on an airline's website, you can opt for third-party  Corporate Air Travel Agents like Low Fare Travel for the best corporate travel deals. You can sit back and relax, let us do the legwork for you by finding the cheapest available options. We make it easy for you to manage the travel expenses at your company, while you can stay productive even while on the go.

San Ramon-based corporate travel management service startup provides a platform for companies to book discounted flight tickets, hotel deal or car hire options. We offer employee travel booking agency services via online or mobile. Our dedicated team closely collaborates with different airlines to provide the best prices for flight tickets to our customers.

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